Nobody goes into this business to win awards. That said, we’re proud to have been recognized for our accomplishments, time and time again, by industry peers and colleagues.

Gold Reggies, Silver Reggies, Pro Awards, POPAI Awards and more. We treasure our trophies. But we value even more highly our relationships…and our clients’ success. And our determination, every day, to surpass yesterday’s triumphs.

See below for a partial list of awards.

RINGLING BROS® CIRCUS   Circus Truck Design


Gold Addy Award

Vehicle Graphic Advertising

CAMPBELL SOUP COMPANY   "Tale of Despereaux"


PROMO Magazine Pro Awards

Vehicle Graphic Advertising

SWEETHEARTS®   Twilight Promotions


NCSA New Product Award

Best Licensed/Limited Edition Product

M&M'S®   Pirates of the Caribbean 2 – "White Chocolate Pearls"


PMA Reggie Award

Silver (International/Global Promotion)

PROMO Magazine Pro Awards

First: “Best Advertising in Support of a Promotion”
Second: “Best Campaign Generating Brand Volume”
Second: “Best Multidiscipline Campaign”
Third: “Best Use of POP”
Third: “Best Campaign Generating Brand Awareness & Trial Recruitment”

M&M'S®   Star Wars – "Dare to Go to the Dark Side"


PMA Reggie Award

Gold: “Multi-Partner Promotion” & “National Consumer Promotion”

PROMO Magazine Pro Awards

First: “Best Creative”
First: “Most Brand Volume”
Second: “Best Idea or Concept”
Second: “Best Sponsorship or Tie-In Campaign”
Second: “Best Campaign Generating Brand Awareness & Trial Recruitment”
Second: “Best Use of Promotional Advertising”
Third: “Best Multidiscipline National Campaign”

The Global Awards (MMA)

Silver: “Best Sponsorship or Tie-In Campaign”
Silver: “Best Multidiscipline Campaign”
Silver: “Best Activity Generating Brand Loyalty”
Bronze: “Best Brand Building Campaign”
Finalist: “Best Activity Generating Brand Volume”
Finalist: “Best Activity Generating Brand Awareness & Trial Recruitment”

M&M'S®   Shrek 2 Ogre-Size Candies


PROMO Magazine Pro Award

First: “Best Campaign Generating Brand Awareness & Trial Recruitment”

M&M'S®   "Global Color Vote"


PMA Reggie Award

Gold (International)

M&M'S®   "Find the Impostor M&M'S®"


Food & Beverage Magazine  Brammy Award Winner

“Best Promotion”

M&M'S®   Crispy Display


POPAI OMA Gold Medal

M&M'S®   M&M'S MINIS® Display

POPAI OMA Gold Medal

M&M'S®   "Color Campaign"

Food & Beverage Magazine  Brammy Award Winner

“Best Promotion”

STARBURST®   "Chew the Clue"


PMA Reggie Award


STARBURST®   Fruit Twist Display


POPAI Design of the Times

POPAI OMA Gold Medal

Co-creator Design Patent (No. D391097)

NABISCO   Holiday House


POPAI OMA Gold Medal

NABISCO   Barnum's Endangered Animals Collection Display


POPAI OMA Gold Medal

Some awards reflect industry recognition earned by the core agency team while associated with a previous agency.