Despicable Me 3

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Project Details:

Entertainment Partnerships , Packaging , POP/Displays

Conquering the world. That's the ultimate ambition of any respectable supervillain. But this time around, good old Gru – the lovably evil star of the Despicable Me movie franchise – has set his sights on something else. He's scheming to take over the world's favorite hazelnut spread.

That's how we brought this promotion to life: by imagining Gru turning the Nutella brand into – what else? – Gru-tella. For the brand's very first U.S. movie partnership, we built all the messaging and creative around this powerful notion, merging brand and movie iconography in a truly fresh, organic way. From limited-edition jars to eye-catching displays, Gru and his Minions are taking over…and consumers are taking them home.