Fresh Vision

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Project Details:

Exhibit Design



FLAVIA®, a leading Mars Drinks brand, had a newly-created Brand identity. They asked us to help bring it to life. This was much more than a simple announcement. We were the very first creative team to exploit the Brand’s new ethic. To do that effectively, we developed a multidisciplinary campaign that included print, online, video and more.


To begin, we created national trade show materials, compelling email communications and more. The centerpiece: a dynamic sales meeting video introducing the Brand’s new look…and its new messaging. It combined cutting-edge graphics with a balanced, organic feel that perfectly expressed the Brand’s personality and vision.

It was a Brand-building exercise…literally. Because we also designed and engineered a state-of-the-art trade show booth that incorporated the Brand’s new look into a three-dimensional environment. Different areas within that environment showcased new product launches, new technologies, new marketplace insights…and a renewed commitment to sustainability.

Born on our drawing boards as a series of sketches, the booth evolved into a huge Brand presence that made an unmistakable statement about FLAVIA today…and tomorrow.