Gerber® Photo Search 2014

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Project Details:

Digital , Promotions

2014 marks the fifth birthday of the iconic Gerber Photo Search – the brand's centerpiece promotion. It also marked our second year as lead agency: a role that required us not only to articulate an overall vision and execute a creative strategy…but also to coordinate the contributions of multiple agency and brand partners, across a broad range of disciplines.

For this important milestone, we gave the promotion a total refresh…starting with the brand-new, attention-grabbing "Be Our Baby" theme. We rethought everything from the prize structure (more desirable milestone prizes) to the style guide (clean, fun, fresh and mobile-friendly). From the flow of the user experience (streamlined and speedier) to the official rules (rationalized and simplified). And we also integrated, for the first time, the brand's MyGerber support system…building MyGerber registration seamlessly into the Photo Search architecture.

Throughout the process, we were mindful of a single overarching objective: to improve and optimize each and every aspect of the promotion. To make it more fun, more intuitive, more modern…and, ultimately, more successful. That was a challenging goal, and we're more than a little proud of the way we worked toward it. Photo Search is turning five, and we'd like to think it's only getting better.