Getting to Know Clark

Project Details:




The Clark® Bar is an unusual Brand, because – let's face it – it's somebody's first name. More than that: it's a true American original. But nowadays, for every hundred consumers who've heard of Clark, maybe only ten really know it. So refreshing the Brand identity was almost like introducing a person – giving consumers the opportunity to get reacquainted.


We started by identifying the core Brand equities: name, logo and color palette. And then we rethought and refined those elements, giving them a modern, masculine spin. (Clark is a guy's name, after all.) We repositioned the Clark Bar as an honest, hard-working chocolate bar, made from the real stuff – genuine, generous and satisfying. Keeping extendability in mind, we developed a messaging architecture flexible enough to accommodate a range of new flavors and varieties, giving the Brand a little elbow room for growth.

The Clark Brand retains its heritage, while remaining intensely relevant to the modern consumer. That means a whole new generation is getting to know this iconic chocolate bar…on a first-name basis.