Making Memories…And More!

Project Details:




For its 139th edition, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® borrowed the wonder and tradition of stage magic, combining it with the color and spectacle of The Greatest Show On Earth® to create something truly unique. When we were invited to script the show’s souvenir DVD, we decided to do the same: to develop a totally new concept that would turn a keepsake into a whole-family “must watch”.


First we invented RBTV – an entertainment “channel” dedicated to all things Ringling Bros.® Then we hired an energetic newskid to report on the show. Each segment focused on a different aspect of Zing Zang Zoom – from thrilling show footage, to behind-the-scenes interviews with the performers, to up-close-and-personal bios of the animal stars, to a very special guided tour of zany Clown Alley. For the first time ever, the DVD has its very own theme, its very own story. The result is something more than a souvenir. It’s full of fun, humor and inside info – a high-value standalone product that captures memories and enhances the entire show experience.