Mature Brand, New Thinking

Project Details:

The New England Confectionary Company





Haviland® has decades of history, but it's always been a quiet brand. Consumers know the product: Haviland Thin Mints are a longtime favorite. But from logo to packaging graphics, the Haviland brand voice itself has been a sort of whisper, failing to generate attention on-shelf…and failing to convey the Brand's promise of quality. So we were asked to rethink and refresh the Brand identity – while remaining true to its heritage.


For Haviland, it was about speaking more clearly; but it was also about saying all the right things. We made sure the Brand personality was clearly expressed, with a look that's modern yet classic, confident yet refined, elegant yet accessible. A look that puts the emphasis on quality, while keeping the accent on approachability.

The reimagined Haviland is totally familiar, yet totally new. Where there was maturity, there's now authority. Where there was quiet, there's now quiet conviction. And where there was a whisper, there's now a little bit of sales-driving noise.