Rock The Lighthouse!

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Project Details:

Digital , Packaging , POP/Displays , Promotions

Some things just naturally go together. Things like beach parties and music. Add the "ridiculously good" taste and crunch of Cape Cod® potato chips, and you've got the perfect recipe for a summer celebration…and a fun summer promotion.

But it takes more than that for a promotion to be truly effective; it takes an integrated approach in which all the elements work together, supporting one another. And that's how we built this one. We started with a theme graphic that merged two icons, turning the iconic Cape Cod® lighthouse into a guitar. (That striking image transformed the brand's packaging and added seasonal sizzle to its retail displays.) Next we added a memorable, high-energy call to action. The sweepstakes kept the music playing, with fun, beach-themed online gameplay…and a range of totally covet-worthy Bose® audio prizes.

In the end, we rocked more than the brand's timeless lighthouse. We rocked the package, the aisle…and the summer.