The Sky’s The Limit

Project Details:

The New England Confectionary Company





Sky Bar is a product born out of the spirit of innovation. It's like nothing else: four different fillings, one in each molded compartment of the chocolate bar. But when it came to branding, it was a different story. The logo and packaging were dated and lifeless, without relevance to today's consumer. We were asked to give the Brand a top-to-bottom makeover – relaunching it, in effect, for a new generation. At the same time, we were given the opportunity to adapt that new look for a major entertainment tie-in: the wildly popular Twilight franchise.


We started with a clean sheet of paper. Actually, scratch that…there wasn't even a sheet of paper. We began with an entirely new vision of what the Sky Bar Brand could be. In the end, we retained just a few key elements: the name; the exclusive four-filling bar; and that spirit of innovation. Everything else is new. A sleek, modern look, spotlighting an all-new logo. A dramatic color palette that elevated on-shelf presence as well as appetite appeal. Streamlined package messaging that clearly communicated the product's unique selling proposition. And while we were at it, we redesigned the chocolate molds themselves.

That's where most rebranding exercises would have stopped. But we went on, adapting the dynamic new Sky Bar identity to the look-and-feel of the Twilight movie franchise to build a hugely successful, award-winning partnership. The promotional packaging developed for the theatrical release of New Moon merged Sky Bar equities with movie equities, leveraging the characters and themes of the film while retaining the integrity of the Brand. Our creative input extended to limited-edition flavors, exclusive forms and pack types, and (once again) special chocolate molds inspired by the visual motifs of the movie