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When Hostess, an iconic breakfast staple since 1919, invited us to refresh the packaging for their Mini Muffins line, we couldn’t wait to get to work! After a successful first project, the ZIA was asked to refresh the entire Hostess breakfast line up.

Brand continuity and variety differentiation were high on the list of design objectives. As you can see, Great Creative Wins.

Mini Muffins

The Mini Muffins new-look provides a more whimsical, welcoming feel that speaks directly to the consumer buying these treats for their children and it really set the tone for additional Hostess projects to come.

Jumbo Donettes

This exciting new packaging highlights the product proposition that these sweet little treats are individually wrapped and portable. But we didn’t stop there. We created witty one-liners – or Donut Wisdom – printed on each wrapper for some light fun and consumer engagement.

Cinnamon Rolls

Along with updated packaging, we “spiced” up the Cinnamon Roll logo, making it more playful and in-line with the brand identity.

Triple Chocolate Brownies

We know Triple Chocolate Brownies are a kid-friendly treat. So as part of this packaging redesign, we were proud to introduce this fun new mascot (…and first female mascot) to the Hostess family!

Mega Muffins

Freshness and variety were at the top of mind when it came to redesigning the Hostess Mega Muffins line. Additionally, branding and product visibility were successfully optimized thanks to this “fresh” new look!

Rascal Flatts Promotion

Promotions and contests are another exciting way we try to attract fan engagement and spread awareness for our brands. Rascal Flatts was the perfect band to highlight the Hostess Sweet Country Summer Sweepstakes.