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TrueSport is a national movement powered by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. Its objective: to change the culture of youth sport in America, promoting positive values like sportsmanship, courage, honesty and more. We were asked to help the organization go further, multiplying its message and growing its reach.

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nutella seasonal jars

Nutella® lovers are passionate about the brand, making it a part of their everyday lives and rituals. For this project, we were asked to return the favor: merge the classic jar with bright, fun seasonal iconography – and design a range of seasonal displays to show them off.

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Ferrero Rocher® is a delight like no other: truly the gold standard among confections. That means that every brand communication must live up to that same elevated stature – from the look of the visuals to the tonality of the messaging.

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oreo churros

When J&J Snack Foods asked us to help launch its new Oreo® Churros – yes, that's a thing, and it's a big deal – we developed a simple, powerful theme graphic leveraging the iconic Oreo® equities: color, cookie imagery and logo.

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serta packaging redesign

It's a challenge to redesign a package, especially in a venue as noisy and crowded as the bedding category. It's a whole different kind of challenge to redesign an entire aisle's worth of packaging. That's what we did for Innocor®, helping the company to relaunch its complete Serta®-branded bedding line at retail giant Menards.

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Nutella & Go

This year we took NUTELLA® & GO! where it had never gone before – to the wonderful worlds of Halloween and Christmas . We designed new packaging and displays leveraging the unmistakable imagery and iconography of both holidays.

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